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Algebra 1

Tech Support

Course description:

*MA 27 Algebra I

Difficulty: Average

2 Sem.—1 Cr

This first year algebra course prepares a student for more advanced study of mathematics. The curriculum includes symbolic manipulation, data analysis, patterns and functions represented in multiple forms, linear and quadratic equations.



FractalThis course will be taught using software called ALEKS. We will meet in a computer lab for the majority of classtime. Students will be expected to access ALEKS outside of class for a period of time each week. It can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, including the school and public libraries.

The rest of class will be spent completing projects that explore various Algebra topics that we will be covering throughout the year. Students will be expected to work with a partner or in groups for most projects. Some projects will require work outside of the classroom.

We will also be learning how to take notes, study and utilize test taking strategies.

Obviously this is not your average Algebra class. Extensive amounts of time will be spent on the computer, and the rest of it completing projects and learning how to learn.This is not a lecture and drill class. For some of you this is exactly what you need. For others, maybe not. Either way, I am here to help you work through it.

I want every student in my classes to succeed, and I think you all can. While I love Algebra, I know it is not easy for everyone. You must earn your grade, and that will take hard work. It will take time outside of class. You will need to study. You will need to try.