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I grew up in central Michigan (think cows and Amish) in a town of approximately 3000 people. After attending a local community college and earning a Associate degree in Visual Arts (focus in Graphic Design) while trying to figure out what to do next. I decided on double majoring in Math and Art Education at Buffalo State College, SUNY in BuffaloNew York. I soon figured out that I could graduate three semesters earlier if I dropped the math major, so I did and graduated in December of 2003 with a Bachelor's in Art Education.

While attending school I met my husband (my roommate's brother's best friend...), got married and decided that Arizona looked a whole lot warmer than Western New York and moved out here. I was hired at Kino Junior High School to teach Photography and AVID.

I completed my Masters degree in Educational Leadership at NAU in 2005.

In 2005 we tried out NY again, and unable to find jobs there moved back to Phoenix where I was hired to teach at Red Mountain High School teaching Photography and Photoshop.

I now head the CTE and Art departments here at RMHS, teaching with the Photography program, and assist teachers with integrating all our fabulous new technology as an Online Instructional Design Coach (OIDC).

My daughter Claire will be three in December. My son, Evan, is five and starting Kindergarten at Zaharis (tear), and my stepdaughter, Heilee, is a Sophomore here at RMHS.

Left to right: my nephew Timmy, daughter Claire, niece Abby, and son Evan. Aren't they adorable? Love.

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My stepdaughter, Heilee, who goes to school here!