Complete Fitness/Aerobics Course Outline Spiritline


Instructor:  Mrs. Kennedy              Office Number: 472-8236             Email:


This class focuses on cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.  Forms of exercises may include:  step aerobics, hi-lo impact aerobics, interval training, circuit training, free weights, kickboxing, yoga and other combination workouts.  Be prepared to workout.

(Water is the only beverage allowed in class)


Cardiovascular Endurance:

Students will be required to complete a one mile run under 8:00 minutes twice a month.  If mile is not completed student will not be allowed to cheer/dance at school events until mile is made up.


Weekly class schedule:

Mondays:  Freshman/JV Cheer                     Uniform:  PE uniform

Tuesdays:  Varsity Cheer/Pom                      Uniform:  PE uniform

Wednesdays:  No class

Thursdays:  Varsity Cheer/Pom                    Uniform:  Maroon dri fit shirt with black bottoms

Fridays:  Freshman/JV Cheer                         Uniform:  White tie-dye shirt with any Nike pros



100% Full participation (follow procedures, stay on task, participate the WHOLE class time), attendance, and dressing out in uniform with hair back.


Tardy Policy:

The Red Mountain Tardy Policy will be enforced.  All students must enter the building through the west doors by 6:45.  Doors will be locked when the bell rings.  Class will begin promptly at 6:50, that means you are in roll call circle, dressed with shoes tied and hair back at 6:50 NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • 1st tardy=warning

  • 2nd tardy=student/teacher meeting

  • 3rd tardy=benched for one game



  • Know all major muscles

  • Transfer knowledge into lifetime fitness activities

  • Improve physique and performance level



No cell phones will be tolerated in class