Weights Course Outline PE 76

Instructor: Mrs. Kennedy              Office Number: 472-8236              Email: jskennedy@mpsaz.org

Weight Training:

This class focuses on multi-joint workouts for the upper and lower body, cardiovascular endurance, speed/agility, plyometric, power and core development.   Documenting workouts and determining periodization intensity and volume will be included.  All students will be tested for a Pre Max and Post Max in all exercises.


Cardiovascular Endurance:

One day, each week, will be dedicated to cardiovascular activities.  Students will be required to complete 3-timed ONE MILE RUNS.  An incomplete grade is given if not completed by the end of the semester.


One mile runs:

First:  February 7th

Second:  March 7th

Third: April 4th

5:30 continuous jogging

7:00 continuous jogging

1 mile continuous jogging



1-2 quizzes

Fitness tests





80% Full participation (follow procedures, stay on task, and participate the WHOLE class time),   

         attendance, and dressing out in proper PE uniform with hair back.

20% Quizzes, tests, documentation, reading/writing assignments



  • Know all exercises

  • Know how to document on cards and charts

  • Determine max for all exercises and calculate weight percentages for lifts

  • Know all major muscles

  • Know muscle to exercise relationships

  • Integrate various fitness activities with weight lifting

  • Utilize correct lifting techniques

  • Transfer knowledge and experiences into lifetime fitness activities

  • Develop a  healthy living lifestyle


Refer to the Girl’s Physical Education policies and procedures for all other requirements