Course Components



Weekly points

Daily Agenda / Time on Task

Daily Points

Progress Report Signature

Bi-Monthly points

Journals/Response writing/Reading

Weekly Points


20% of student’s overall grade


Course Structure/Approach

This class provides students with the opportunity to complete work from their mainstream classes.  This time is self-directed and teacher supported.  Students are expected to have appropriate assignments/materials from core classes (reading, writing, math, etc.)  to complete while in Study Skills.

Required Materials

  1. Pencil/ Paper
  2. Student Computer
  3. Spiral Notebook
  4. 2 Pocket folder with brads (metal tabs in center)
  5. Work from mainstream/core classes (including all necessary materials and books)



Upon returning from an excused absence the student will be responsible for making up any missed work.  The student will be given one additional class period for each class period missed to turn in completed work.  Make up work will not be accepted for unexcused absences.


Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to follow all school and classroom rules as stated in the student handbook.  The following sequence of consequences will be followed for misbehavior.

1.     Verbal warning

2.     Phone Call to parent/guardian

3.     Conduct referral submitted to appropriate grade level administrator


Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.), food and drinks are NOT allowed in classrooms at Red Mountain. 


Welcome to the 2016/2017 School Year