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                       American Government,  11th Grade American History

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Dear Parent(s) & Students,

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year at Red Mountain High School. 

The overall goals of this class are to foster a quest for knowledge, stimulate
research, and empower students to become lifelong independent learners. I hope that students will develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Also, current events will be incorporated into our curriculum and therefore I encourage your child to keep up with local, state, & global affairs.
    I look forward to having your child in class. It is crucial that we communicate
on a regular basis. The online grading system that we use at Red Mountain is a great way to monitor your child’s progress. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns. When using email, please include your child’s name in the subject. I will try my best to return all phone calls or emails within 48 hours.

Jeremy Jones
Social Studies Teacher 

The following is a breakdown of course expectations, policies, and information
relevant to this course.

Class Expectations:
1.    Respect yourself and others at all times.
2.    Bring supplies daily ( homework, binder, journal, pen & pencil).
3.    Keep up with current events.

Class Rules:                       
1.    Follow directions the first time they are given.
2.    Be in your seat and prepared to start class before the bell rings. I will
dismiss you not the bell.
3.    Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking or leaving your seat.
4.    Gum, candy, drinks, food and electronics are not permitted in class.

Failure to comply with class expectations & rules will result in the following:
1.    Verbal warning
2.    Written warning
3.    Phone call home
4.    Detention
5.    Referral to administration

Suggested Supplies:
Journal (composition book)                 Highlighter   
Sturdy paper folder with metal fasteners or binder    Loose leaf paper           
Five protective sheets to place in binder/folder    * White Board Marker       
Pen & sharpened pencil                *Box of crayons or colored pencils
* Supplies that may be left at home or in the students’ locker unless specifically
asked to bring to class the next day.
Wish list: Any supplies such as Kleenex boxes or wipes that can be donated to our classroom will be greatly appreciated.

Each student will be assigned a textbook to leave at home. An online version is also available at  This is a great tool to use on a regular basis. It has interactive activities, reviews, links to primary sources, games, support for writing, and reflects on the most recent political, economic and social issues. I strongly encourage all students to make use of this resource.

Class Activities:
Daily class activities include instruction and note-taking, follow-up activities,
cooperative learning groups, discussions and review sessions. Students are expected to participate fully in class in order to understand the course concepts and to successfully complete all assignments and tests.

Students will be graded on all tests, quizzes, written homework, in class
assignments, projects and completion of their journal. Every week journals and
homework will be checked and graded. These grades will be posted online for you to view and check frequently. To access your student’s grades, please use the following system:
Username= student’s last name only-in all lower case letters
Password= six digit number as follows: 1st hour, 01+4 digit number, 2nd hour, 02+4
digit number, etc.

There will be homework assignments given out throughout the school year. It is the students responsibility to make sure that it gets finished and turned in on time. If there is a extenuating circumstance, parents may let me know and I will take it into consideration. Homework is an essential part of the classroom experience.

Restroom Policy:  Every student will be allowed 10 restroom passes a semester. Once they are gone, they are gone. So the passes must be used wisely.

Tardiness/ Absences:
I expect all my students to be here everyday and on time. I understand that
unexpected situations occur, therefore, it is each student’s responsibility to take
the initiative and ASK me for missed assignments or look it up in our daily agenda

Academic Honesty:
I trust that all my students will try their hardest to maintain a positive, truthful
learning environment. Therefore academic honesty is expected of all my students. I
have a policy of zero tolerance for any form of cheating.
Office hours:
I am available for students to come in before school if its needed. I can also
schedule other appointments if necessary.

We have read the information provided and understand it.
Please cut here & return only the bottom portion.

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