(EN 80) Humanities
This course is not being taught in the 2017-2018 school year

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Humanities focuses on three major objectives: to understand human nature, to understand human roles and behavior, and to understand human ideals. Studying the basic foundation of human nature offers significant ways to better understand the human condition. Examining ways individuals explore, think, lead and create offers opportunities for better understanding of the diversity of human nature. The urge to achieve harmony through the pursuit of truth, love, justice and beauty exists in all societies and is manifested in their art and artifacts. 

Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, creativity, and rights and responsibilities of the individual in society. This program is characterized by interdisciplinary focus, arts emphasis, cultural diversity and a personal values perspective. This course will help students gain a better understanding of world culture through a critical examination of art, literature, music, drama and dance. Students develop an aesthetic sensitivity and appreciation for the creative process and thereby gain a better understanding of themselves.

The desired outcomes for students in Humanities are that they will:

  • Use a strong command of knowledge
  • Use their knowledge to guide their behavior
  • Communicate and be persuasive about their knowledge
  • Recognize enduring human problems
  • Use their knowledge to inform their evolving system of values
  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Use their knowledge to improve their lives and the lives of others

Tentative Syllabus
Humanities: What and Why
The Life Cycle
Thought and Emotion
The Human Family
The Aesthetic Impulse
The Pursuit of Meaning
Probing the Unknown
Reason and Intuition
Making the New
In Search of Truth
In Search of Love
In Search of Justice
In Search of Beauty