Mrs. Jan Lemon-Saquella
(EN87) Journalistic Writing

This intensive composition course focuses on professional writing in English with emphasis on journalistic style and format, analysis and organization of information, and clarity of expression into clear, concise prose. The course explores journalistic writing through the analysis of literature selections, newspapers, yearbooks, literary publications, television, movies, videos, Internet and broadcast journalism publications. Students will implement the writing process (research, note taking through editing, proofreading, and publication), as well as be trained in interviewing, news ethics, newswriting, photography, design layout, production, and circulation of the school's publication.  Genres studied will include: news reporting, travel, popular culture, science, business, lifestyle, entertainment, reviews, environment, politics and writing for men and women. Writing topics will include: understanding audiences, choosing topics, research, interviews, structuring articles, language and style, editing and revision, titles, illustrations, the writer and the law, marketing manuscripts and copyright.  The course meets English competency requirements for Arizona universities.


In today's world we are bombarded with media, including newspapers, magazines, television, movies, videos and the Internet. An understanding of journalism and the media will be valuable regardless of future plans.  In the ten most transferable skills needed in the job market, journalistic training gives direct practice in seven: Coping with deadline pressure; Writing; Organizing/Managing/Coordinating; Interviewing; Teaching/Instructing, Supervising, and Negotiating/Arbitrating.



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