EN68  – Technical Writing                                                                          
Ms. Saquella- Room 313

Technical writing is an invaluable skill allowing for clear and concise communication with peers and maximizing efficiency in companies and organizations. Technical writing prepares students for life after school and provides a strong foundation to build upon. Coursework includes principles and procedures of technical writing; attention to analyzing audience and purpose, organizing information, designing graphic aids, and writing specialized forms like instructions, resumes, news releases, fliers and proposals. Technology and the Internet will be used in all assignments. All coursework is now available on Canvas. Students enrolled in EN68 - Technical Writing can access course curriculum at mpsaz.instructure.com using their Active Directory login.

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing society utilizing new arts, sciences and technology, how we communicate must also evolve. Unlike other English classes where the writers demonstrate their knowledge to the teacher who already knows the subject, in technical writing the writer is the expert and the readers are the learners.  In life, you may be writing for your supervisor, colleague or customers.  This course will mirror real-world scenarios in assignments and assessments. Please help your son/daughter keep perspective on his or her achievement.  While we focus on academics, we will also build stable and compassionate individuals who work as a community.  In this class, Red Mountain’s Mission is fully recognized: “The mission of Red Mountain High School is to prepare all students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  We strive to provide a strong foundation in reading, writing and mathematics, so the students have the skills and knowledge essential for reaching their potential.  As a team of diverse students, parents, faculty, administration, and staff, we are committed to providing a safe environment where learning, responsibility, respect, and self-esteem flourish.”

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