EN 54 Paperback Literature

This course develops skills in both reading and writing. Along with whole-group lessons and discussions, students read, analyze, and write about selected books from various genres.

Students will form cooperative groups and read a short text as they learn about the roles and expectations of a literature circle.

Literature Circles are the cornerstone and foundation of the reading program. This structure has had the greatest positive impact on student’s attitudes about reading. Literature circles allow students choice over what they read. This choice permits them to enjoy their reading more, and thus, to learn more. In the meetings, students help each other understand the characters, plot, and vocabulary; they discuss strategies that enabled them to comprehend the book; and they personalize the novels resulting in a deep understanding.  In their own reflections, students consistently cite literature circles as profoundly impacting their reading skills. 

The primary objective for the reading program is to help students learn to love reading and to create life-long readers.

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Paperback Literature
Paperback Literature Books

Paperback Literature Books