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Teaching science is teaching someone how to question, investigate, and search for answers to problems.  Teachers do not know all the answers, and we never expect to know all the answers.  (How boring that would be.)  Science is learning how to use tools, how to work with others, and how to strike out on your own.  It is leaning to look at issues from different perspectives, and it is understanding how to decide which viewpoint has the most merit in a particular situation.  The history of science parallels the struggle of man to understand who she/he is and find her/his place in the cosmos.  In science each of us is a pioneer.

Educational Backround

Undergraduate Degrees:

I attended  Elmhurst College   Elmhurst Collect is a private four year college that is affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

Majored in Biology

Minor in Chemistry

Graduate Degree:

I received my Master’s from Fulton school of Engineering at Arizona State University