AR 21

This course addresses technical and conceptual concepts in relation to historic and contemporary photography. Students experiment with a variety of lighting techniques, parts and use of a digital SLR camera, digital solutions, and conceptual approaches in order to create visually compelling photographs. Students learn how to transfer skills into a career in professional photography. Students will develop an electronic and traditional portfolio. This course may include film photography. A digital SLR is highly recommended.


  • Assignments and their critiques will typically be due on a WEDNESDAY with few exceptions.
  • New projects will be introduced the following day, usually a THURSDAY.
  • Smaller assignments, and project progress will be due throughout the week.
  • Students should check their canvas course daily. Even if a student misses school for holiday, sickness, or family emergency, they are still required to turn in assignments on the appropriate due date, unless they have arranged otherwise with me.



  • 8GB - 24GB Flash Drive linked here - It is important that students store their work in multiple places in order to avoid corruption or deletion. They will be learning about online storage as well, but it vital that they have a flash drive as well.
  • STUDENT DEVICE - The school provides a Lenovo with the required software for each student. They are required to bring it EVERYDAY! If you would rather not use the student device, your student must have a laptop or equivalent with the Adobe Creative Cloud software installed (the school will not provide this on a personal device).
We have all of the following in class, but not enough for each individual student. Students will not have to wait for one if they have their own, PLUS it will be a lot easier for them to work from home with their own.

  • CARD READER - There is a SD card reader built into the student devices. If you are not getting a school provided device, these come in a variety of colors. These work fine as well. The school has a few, but we "lose" several of these every year and would make a much appreciated donation! IMPORTANT - if you use Canon and shoot with a CF card we only have ONE card reader for those cards AND there is no CF card slot in the student devices. Definitely get one of your own!
  • SD CARD - 8 or 16GB
    Larger card sizes are not recommended. They make it much too easy to just leave everything on the card so when it fails students lose all their images.
  • DIGITAL CAMERA -  dSLR or Compact with Manual controls
    This is NOT required but definitely highly recommended. Any digital camera will do, but a camera with manual controls such as M, S/Tv, and/or A/Av will best suit their needs. We have Nikon d3100, d3200, and d5000 models but ANY brand will do.