AR 71/72

Exploration of art produced through the use of the computer. Students will further develop their art expressions by utilizing a variety of imaging techniques, photo manipulations, and art presentation methods to develop portfolios.



  • 8GB - 24GB Flash Drive linked here. It is important that students store their work in multiple places in order to avoid corruption or deletion. They will be learning about online storage as well, but it vital that they have a flash drive as well.

  • WACOM TABLET - Our class has bamboo tablets that students can use - however, they mess with the stylus on the students devices when we download their software. There are a couple options, however. A student can draw directly on their device (they will not have access to the keyboard this way, and the stylus is not designed for drawing, so they may run into some difficulties), OR you may purchase a wacom tablet linked here.
  • SKETCH BOOK - it is important to draw out layouts, ideas, possible compositions and to continually practice and have a place to jot down ideas.



  • Assignments and their critiques will typically be due on a WEDNESDAY with few exceptions.
  • New projects will be introduced the following day, usually a THURSDAY.
  • Smaller assignments, and project progress will be due throughout the week.
  • Students should check their canvas course daily. Even if a student misses school for holiday, sickness, or family emergency, they are still required to turn in assignments on the appropriate due date, unless they have arranged otherwise with me.