I love photography! It is a new way of seeing and interpreting the world and using what is already their to tell a different story. There are so many different styles and techniques! I teach the fundamentals - the technical side of what a camera is and how to use it. I also teach art fundamentals and how to use them to enhance your photos and turn them from good to phenomenal! 

I am so excited to see your work!


We are hit with good and bad design everywhere! I love seeing it! The best place that has it all thrown together is Time Square in New York.

We will be learning to recognize what makes great design, and how to make it ourselves. It is more than just having the right software. It is understanding the rules that make art aesthetically pleasing, give deeper meaning, or making a statement. 

Can't wait to see your work!


I grew up in Washington state, in a town with a smaller population than this high school. Eager to leave home I studied art and art education at BYU-Idaho. I have taken every opportunity to travel and learn new things.

I love all forms of art, and see it in everything (even math!). I study languages, love reading, music, dancing around the house with my kiddos, and experiencing new things.

I believe in hard work and struggling through a problem. I will push you to become a better artist, by telling you what you are doing well, and what needs improvement. I believe in your ability to push through, and will require you to do your best!