The Biotechnology Program at Red Mountain High School is a prestigious program where students learn the skills and techniques utilized in the bioscience industry. Students work in a state of the art laboratory and have the opportunity to interact with leading industry professionals. It is a place where students ignite a passion for science within their community, present their research to the scientific community, compete in science competitions, and much more. Here are some of the things we have been up to:



A big thanks to nanoScience and Zac Gray for bringing a scanning electron microscope and virtual reality for the biotech students to use in their research.


RM BT Teleia

The interns, just doing their thing.



Students visit GCU and discuss degree options in Forensics and Biomedical Engineering. 


RM Biotech Adrian

Adrian Kwiatkowski submitted a research proposal and was selected for ASU's SCience & ENgineering Experience Program (SCENE). He will be conducting his research in Dr. Mangone's lab in the Biodesign Institute. 


RM Biotech

Many students attend the HOSA Fall Leadership Conference and learned about Naturpathic Medicine, Forensics, Medical Careers and much more.


Adrian RM Biotech
















Adrian Kwiatkowski presents his research on ALS at the Mesa Community College Biotechnology Symposium.


RM Biotech
















Biotechnology student spent Halloween checking out the University of Arizona's Molecular & Cellular Biology Department. Go Wildcats!


RM Biotech  RM Biotech

Red Mountain Biotech Students sharing their passion for science by teaching students the science behind Biotech Bubbles at Shepherd Junior High's STEM Night. 


RM Biotech BMES

Red Mountain Biotech students were invited to attend the Biomedical Engineering Society World Meeting. Teleia Taumanu and Adrian Kwiatkowski also presented their research at the event. 


RM Biotech BMES Adrian  RM Biotech BMES Teleia

Adrian Kwiatkowski and Teleia Taumanu were invited to present their research at the AzBio Awards Event.


Oak Creek  Oak Creek

Red Mountain Biotech has partnered with the Oak Creek Water Shed to work on the E. coli concerns in the water. The students are developing a rapid E. coli test to provide bacterial concentrations in real time and identifying the E. coli sources in order to assist in managing bacterial levels. 


RM Biotech TGen Teleia

Teleia Taumanu interned at TGEN with Professor Dr. Haiyong Han, advancing the study of pancreatic cancer this summer.


RM Biotech BMES Adrian

Adrian Kwiatkowski won Southwest Association for Education in Biomedical Research Essay Contest.


RM Biotech Teleia   RM Biotech Jamie

Teleia Taumanu and Jamie Chapman are EMPEROR Science Award Program winners, each received $1500 stipend, Goggle Chromebook and a mentor scientist for their research. They are 2 of only 100 students chosen in the country. 



RM Biotech Michael  conference

Michael Searle and Maria Valenzuela Sanchez (not pictured) both attended the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Conference in Lowell, Massachusetts. At this conference they attended talks from Noble Laureates, had face to face conversations with ISEF & Google Science Fair Grand Prize winners, and became part of the Society of Torch and Laurel developed by the National Honors Society of Collegiate Scholars. 


RM Biotech ASU

Abby Mann and Maria Valenzuela Sanchez spent many hours in Dr. Biomonte-Nelson lab at ASU this summer. They assisted in the lab's research that focuses on characterizing the cognitive and brain changes that occur during aging.



RM Biotech ILC    RM Biotech ILC Geethika

Mrs. Gazda, Geethika Ameneni, and Adrian Kwiatkowski traveled to Disneyworld to compete in the International HOSA Conference. Geethika Ameneni was a National Finalist (top 10) in Clinical Specialty. 



oak    oak

The RM Biotechnology Program traveled to Oak Creek, Sedona to to run water samples and meet the Oak Creek Water Shed Council to discuss a collaboration.


RM Biotech Adrian

Adrian Kwiatkowski won Southwest Association for Education in Biomedical Research Essay Contest.


RM Biotech  STEM Trophy

Biotech organized a Brain Cancer Awareness and Sticker Drive for Gray Matters Foundation. The drive was a competition between the RM STEM pathways to see who can raise the most donations and take ownership of the STEM Trophy... biotech won!


RM Biotech   RM Biotech Adrain Geethika

Biotech students attend the HOSA Spring Leadership Conference. Adrian Kwiatkowski placed 3rd in Biomedical Laboratory and Geethika Ameneni placed 1st in Clinical Specialty, both will be attending the International Leadership Conference in June to compete at the next level .


RM Biotech Adrian  RM Biotech Teleia

RM Biotech Kara  RM Biotech

Adrian Kwiatkowski, Teleia Taumanu, and Kara Gardner present their research at the AzBio Expo.


RM Biotech

Biotech instructor, Katy Gazda, named Az Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Teacher of the Year. 


RM Biotech   RM Biotech

Biotech students taught the preschoolers some science when they hosted Little Scientist Day. 


RM Biotech

Biotech students visit MCC's biotech program and discuss potential collaborations. 


RM Biotech

Biotech Students teaching  the science behind Biotech Bubbles at the RM Community Holiday Party


RM Biotech RM Biotech

Biotech students at the HOSA Fall Leadership Conference in Phoenix.


RM Biotech   RM Biotech

Biotech students at outreach events, bringing science to young minds.


RM BiotechRM Biotech

Biotech students teaching elementary students the science behind Biotech Bubbles at Tempe's Geek's Night Out.


RM Biotech