MA35 Personal Finance 

Fall/Spring 2012-2013

Red Mountain High School

Mr. Einspahr, Room 822





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Travel Project Assignment

Chapter 7 - Taxes

Chapter 7 Review KEY

Chapter 4 - Consumer Credit 

Average Daily Balance Calendar

Chapter 4 Test Review Key

Chapter 3 Banking Services

Review Quiz 3.1-3.4 Answer Key

Chapter 3 Test Review Key

Chapter 2 - Modeling a Business

Review Quiz 2.1-2.4 Answer Key

Review Chapter 2 Test Answer Key

Chapter 6 - Employment Basics

Review Quiz 6.1-6.3 Answer Key

Chapter 6 Review Answer Key


Financial Plan Project

SMART Goal Project Sheet

Spending Log Project


Budget Project Resources 

Budget Project Assignment

Monthly Manager Spreadsheet

Rubric for Budget Project

Do's and Don'ts of Making a Budget

FPU Monthly Cash Flow Plan

FPU Quick Start Budget

American Student Assistance Budget Worksheet

IDCS Budget Worksheet (this worksheet has some good suggested categories at the end)

Money Instructor Budget Sheet


Semester 2 Review Answer Key

Chapter 8 - Independent Living

Chapter 5 - Automobile Ownership (pages 216-287)

Chapter 7 - Income Taxes (pages 326-381)

         Form 1040EZ 2016

         Form 1040A 2016

         Form 1040 2016

         2016 Tax Tables

Unit 1 – Your Financial Plan

Unit 2 – Budgeting – Making the Most of Your Money



Checking Account Project Semester 1 2015-2016 

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