"Make of yourself a light." - Buddha


I teach seniors and DE (Dual Enrollment) Comp 101 & 102.  Red Mountain logo with lionThe RMHS students are a lively, bright & caring bunch & I enjoy their inquisitive nature & humor.  I believe students need to feel comfortable in class & learning needs to be relevant to students in order to be meaningful.

English is a discipline which requires students to clarify their thinking, in order to write in a clear & concise manner.  The skills developed in English class are utilized across content areas & will improve all aspects of communication for students.

Ideally students will discover a piece of literature which resonates with them and may serve as a portal to the joys of reading.



Educational Background:

 B.A. English, University of Iowa

 CELTA  St. Giles College, San Francisco, CA

 M.A. Multicultural/Bilingual Education,  NAU       


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