·         Start a senior year folder (electronic and paper) to keep track of everything related to colleges and applying

·         Make a list of schools you plan on applying to, including your reach schools and safe schools.

·         Get educated about admission requirements

·         Have the “Talk” with your family on realistic college costs and paying for college

·         Be a campus explorer.  Plan on visiting prospective colleges.  Take a virtual tour of the campus prior to visit.

·         Start working on a personal statement and college admission essay

·         Research the scholarships in the Scholarship Bulletin published by MPS  and RMHS.  Deadlines vary from year to year however the scholarship criteria and general timelines remain the same.

·         Update your resume with all of the activities and awards you earned junior year

·         Letters of Recommendation – Begin now with thinking about and asking for letters of recommendation.  You will need a minimum of three letters for scholarships. 

·         Work a summer job to expand your experiences and to earn money for college

·         Continue volunteering in the community

·         If you are an athlete who plans on playing in college register on the NCAA website

·         Make an account with the Common Application website if your prospective school is a common app school

·         Create a timeline of tasks to do each month of senior year

Click here for FASFA

·         Develop a financial aid plan before the deadline

Develop scholarship organizer

Graduation Diplomas

·         Parents and Students – Subscribe to the weekly RMHS College & Career bulletin for important updates Graduation