Homework and Grading Policies

Homework Policy: On Monday, I write down the week’s homework assignments on the class assignment calendar. I also verbally tell the students what their homework is at the end of class so that they are aware of any assignments. Homework is due the next day unless otherwise noted. Please write down any assignments and important due dates in your planner. I expect homework to be neat, complete, and on time.

Grading Policy:

  • Late Work: I will accept late work one day late. After one day, the assignment turns into a 0.
  • How categories are weighted: Tests and essays are worth 100 points unless otherwise noted, daily bell work is collected every two weeks for a total of 50 points, and students are made aware of the point value of other various assignments.
  • Progress reports: I try to post grades every two weeks so that students are aware of their progress and of any missing assignments.

Grading Scale:
100-90 = A, 89-80 = B, 79-70 = C, 69-60 = D, 59- below = F