Welcome to Red Mountain!

Mrs. Melissa Martin


  • Summa Cum Laude from ASU, Secondary Education - English
  • Teaching in MPS since 1995
  • Certified in Gifted Education; SEI endorsement
  • Current assignment: 9th Honors English & 9th AVID elective 


                   WELCOME TO THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR! 

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Mrs. Martin's start-of-year letter coming soon!  - 2021-2022 is going to be amazing!  Mrs. Martin's welcome letter to AVID9 coming soon. 

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Welcome to Red Mountain!

The 2021-2022 school year will be my 26th year teaching for Mesa Public Schools.  I taught 7th grade and 8/9th grade honors at Poston Junior High before coming to Red Mountain in 2013.  It is great to be a Mountain Lion!

We are going to be learning lots. Our minds and new materials and opportunities are   w i d e   o p e n !  We will begin with getting to know each other...then we will dive into analyzing great works, learning collegiate-style writing models, and expanding our vocab and grammar brains...let's get going!!!

Each day I get to explore the multiple disciplines of writing, literary analysis, grammar, vocabulary, and public speaking with many talented minds. It is my hope that they leave my class with an appreciation for the language that surrounds them.

I firmly believe in a strong, structured environment and a "bell-to-bell" routine. Class begins each day with expectations clearly labeled for all students - what to have on their workspace, what to be doing, what to expect in class that day, what to complete for homework, and what to look forward to in the coming days.  Each week our daily slides and materials/assignments will be linked in Canvas; we will practice accessing this information during the first few weeks.

I aim to deliver each lesson with high energy, care, and respect. Thank you for sending your child to Red Mountain!

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2021-2022 Schedule
  • 1st: Prep 
  • 2nd: Honors 9 English
  • 3rd: Honors 9 English
  • 4th: Lunch
  • 5th: Department Chair Prep
  • 6th: AVID 9
  • 7th: AVID 9


Mrs. Martin