Summer is here!
...some ideas to keep your brain fit and your creative juices flowing!

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Catchin' up with Eddie and Billy and Long John...


Who? Check out the book covers!

Here's a cool link to the College Board's 101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers.  Can you believe it?  That's you!  

The lexile number listed on the right gives you an indication of the level of difficulty.  Talk to your folks and high school buddies for some additional recommendations.   And check out some of our favorites that are on the list...


Be sure to check out a "modern" version of some Shakespearean "insults" here!

Treasure Island

...cause laughing is good for you!

relaxing brain
summer brain


Did you know that you can choose to improve your vocabulary, hone your critical thinking, and impress your parents all at the same time? Try a cross word puzzle every week.  It's fun and many sites let you choose your level of expertise (avoid the New York Times until you are very sure of yourself!)

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Oh, no!  They're back...  Remember those pesky lateral thinking puzzles?  The ones that challenged you to think outside the box by standing on the box with your brain outstretched and your nerves frazzled while your group laughed at your weird answer?  Yah, those.  Well, here's some cool links to keep practicing.  Have fun!

lateral puzzle

Brains on the Beach...

balboa park

San Diego bound?  Ask your folks to drive you through Balboa Park on your way to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  Check out the Globe Theatre and compare it to the readings we did about Shakespeare's original hangout!  

globe theatre
sd zoo

Magazines - Not just for trashy celebrity updates anymore!

Sometimes short and sweet is just the ticket!  Consider doing some on-line reading from some great 'zines this summer.  Check out some Martin favorites below:

Smithsonian  From the halls and archives of our Nation's Capitol comes a magazine with something for everyone.  

Mental Floss  Random facts and things you didn't need to know, but are kind of glad you do.  Never know:  You might end up on Jeopardy some day!

Reader's Digest  Super quick reads plus jokes (and the odd celebrity or two)

Sports Illustrated  Your excuse?  I was reading it for its action verbs!