Instructor:  Mr. Appel

Office Number:  480-472-8217               E-mail:

Meeting Time:  Monday – Friday 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th  period, Screen Printing is 2nd and 5th period.


Course Description:  Alternative Work Experience (AWE) is a work adjustment course that provides job readiness experience while training in a job site generally within the school through on-campus work experience or in-district internships.  Students receive credit toward graduation, but are not paid for these work experiences.  The program can be used as a prerequisite to Community Work Experience (CWE).  CWE is where students work in a part-time job in the community and receive credit toward graduation.  Job sites are individually tailored to help the student’s transition from a school worksite to training in a paid work site based upon the student’s IEP measurable post school goals.  Classroom time is minimal while the IEP Team obtains job sites and in the event job sites need to change or if students need job supports. Please note:  Students in AWE are not in an actual classroom setting. The students are placed on campus with a supervising adult such as attendance, equipment room, janitorial duties, student store, etc.


Course Objectives:

1.       To apply individual strengths, values, interests and preferences into a job site.

2.       To identify and outreach to outside agencies, adult service providers, and training/postsecondary education programs.

3.       To demonstrate an understanding of appropriate work ethics, socialization, and problem-solving strategies within the worksite.

4.       To help the student demonstrate appropriate work place relationships with their supervisor and co-workers.

5.       If a student is temporarily not assigned to a job site on campus then the student is expected to go to Mr. Appel’s class, Room 315, daily until an appropriate placement is assigned.


Attendance:  Regular attendance is the key to your success in school.  Students must follow the school attendance policy.  Your attendance at work and in school should be exemplary. By being placed in a job site on campus, it is imperative that you have great attendance because those school personnel you are assigned to are counting on you.


Evaluation Policy:  A point system will be used to determine your grade in this class.  The grading system is as follows:  Your percentages will be based on an evaluation given to the school personnel that you are assigned.


            A = 90-100%

            B = 80-89%

            C = 70-79%

            D = 60-69%

            F = 50-59%