Instructor:  Mr. Martin Appel

Office Number:  480-472-8217              


Meeting Time:  Monday – Friday in Room 315,  1st & 3rd  period


Course Description:  The purpose of Career Planning Strategies is for students to acquire the necessary tools and strategies to develop an individual action employment plan.  Areas addressed will include self-advocacy/self-determination, vocational assessments, job acquisition skills, work ethics, and career pathways.  Methods to be incorporated include hands-on activities, situational assessments, guest speakers form MPS and the community, technological applications, cooperative learning, and personal experiences.


Course Objectives:

1.       To apply individual strengths, values, interests and preferences into career planning.

2.       To identify and outreach to outside agencies, adult service providers, and training/postsecondary education programs.

3.       To demonstrate an understanding of appropriate work ethics, socialization, and problem-solving strategies.

4.       To apply self-advocacy skills for needed accommodations, understanding disability across settings, and awareness of rights and responsibilities of a person with a disability.

5.       To prioritize career clusters in order to pursue desired post school outcomes.


 Attendance:  Regular attendance is the key to your success in school.  Students must follow the school attendance policy.  Your attendance at work and in school should be exemplary. Students are subject to not receiving credit if they have more than 10 absences in a semester.


Evaluation Policy:  A point system will be used to determine your grade in this class.  The grading system is as follows:

            A = 90-100%

            B = 80-89%

            C = 70-79%

            D = 60-69%

            F = 50-59%


Classroom Guidelines:

Respect everyone’s right to learn

Respect adults, peers, and property

Come to class prepared

Use appropriate and respectful language in the school environment

Comply with all district and school rules