Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to American History I and American Government. I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us as you begin your high school career. By reading and signing these policies, you are acknowledging your awareness and acceptance to abide by these policies in this classroom at all times.


All Mesa Public School District Guidelines and Red Mountain High School rules and regulations according to the official handbook will be observed.


While in the classroom, live by the Golden Rule. Have respect for your classmates and instructor - respect will be returned to you. There will be a great deal of discussion along with lectures of very important government topics and issues. Your utmost civil behavior will be required as we debate and analyze various subjects related to the course. We value your opinion and contribution to the class which will be a significant part of your grade. Raise your hand and you will be called upon.


Your responsibility as a citizen and student of American History I & American Government will be taken seriously. You will have the opportunity to impact four community first hand by assisting with state elections and and local community matters through a civil service project. Always seek knowledge, as Thomas Jefferson once stated, "guard against ignorance by seeking knowledge and wisdom...if a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was never will be." Learning and applying yourself is paramount in this course. As Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated in the Gettysburg Address, this is "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people..." So get involved and make a difference!


Required for success! You will have one day for every day you are gone from class with an excuses absence to male up your missed class work. You are responsible for all lecture notes, assignments or other missed materials.

Tardy Policy:

At the current time, the sweep program is in effect. If you come into class without an excuse you will be sent to ICR. If you are late and swept, it is your responsibility to get your assignment and homework for the day and turn it in on schedule. You do not get an extra day, so be on time!

Late Work:

All assigned work must be turned in.  Unexcused late work is only worth half credit and must be turned in.  Students can get assistance during posted department office hours.

Video Approval:

Parts of two (2) movies supplementing the course material will be shown to your son / daughter; (1) The American President - PG dealing with the functions of the Executive branch, and (2) Twelve Angry Men - PG dealing with the jury process


Tests will be taken at the end of each chapter or unit. These tests will consist of primarily multiple choice, short answer, listing and matching. Late tests will usually be essay format for test security.


Your grade will be an evaluation on the percentage of total points acquired for a given period as follows:

  • 90 - 100% = A
  • 80 - 89%  =  B
  • 70 - 79%  =  C
  • 60 - 69%  =  D
  •   0 - 59%  =  F


I understand what is expected for this course and I will adhere to the rules and procedure put forth by Mr. Karantinos and the Red Mountain Social Studies Department.

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