Red Mountain Change

If a staff member observes a student displaying one of the three characteristics of The Red Mountain Way, he or she has the opportunity to present the student with Red Mountain Change. These give students a chance to receive a gift or be entered into larger drawings.

Red Mountain Change is given out at staff members’ discretion using the Red Mountain Expectation Matrix as their guide. However, RM Way Change is an extra thank you and should not be expected each time a student demonstrates one of the expectations from the Behavior Matrix. 

The Change Exchange

The Change Exchange is the central hub for the Red Mountain Way incentive system.  Located in the Commons, this is where students should bring their RM Change in order to exchange it.  When exchanging RM Change, students will have the option to either enter the Quarterly Drawing and receive a spirit item or pick a gift in a fun, random way.  Either way, students are acknowledged for their positive behavior and get a bonus gift.