Knowledge Base



1. High School Transition Assistance 


The teenage years are some of the most difficult in life. They're a time of exploring, of challenging the old rules and relationships, and therefore a time of great uncertainty. JROTC provides a haven outside of family that students can depend on and feel at home with. JROTC provides structure they are searching for, rules and discipline they can accept, goals they are willing to pursue, interests that engage their minds, bodies and spirits, and all the support they need from both instructors and peers. The mastering of leadership techniques instills a quiet confidence that comes from knowing what they are capable of, and the character to do what it takes to accomplish their goals.




2. College Assistance

The JROTC program is recognized by colleges and perspective employers for its leadership building program.

College applications give JROTC experience the same credit as an Eagle Scout Award.

The program provides students with the discipline, the maturity, and the skills needed to be successful in life. 


 3. Adventure


The JROTC Program is one of the most dynamic programs in the school and offers a variety of fun and adventure activities such drill competitions, field trips, cave exploring, indoor skydiving, leadership reaction courses, and an opportunity to attend an actual JROTC cadet leadership camp. These activities are all optional and are not required for the grade.


4. Life-Long Friendships


The Cadet Battalion family welcomes all new students. The program develops leadership potential with the ability to live and work cooperatively with others. Unlike other classes, JROTC teaches tolerance and empathy. JROTC is all about teamwork. Every student has a job and every job is important to the Battalion. As friends and mentors, you will find them assisting each other with homework, sharing personal problems, offering conflict resolution and peer counseling with sound advice, and sharing hugs and prayers.


5. Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem


The JROTC Program builds self-confidence and self-esteem through leadership training and responsibility. Second year students are given leadership positions and are taught to set sound goals. They are closely mentored by the instructors and senior cadets. Cadets are recognized with numerous ribbons, medals and rank. These newly acquired skills of organization, self-discipline and responsibility are quickly noted in their other high school classes, extracurricular activities, jobs and homes.