Dear Parents or Guardians:

Welcome to the new school year! My name is Philip Poisson and I will be teaching Workplace Skills, Health Class and Community Awareness this year.

This letter explains the expectations I have for all of my students.  Please thoroughly read and discuss it with your son or daughter to ensure every opportunity for success.

Below are my academic and behavioral expectations, as well as my grading policy.

CLASS GOALS:  Every effort is made to help students increase their academic and life skills.  Class instruction, assignments, and participation are designed to meet individual student needs.  Lessons, assignments, and IEP goals are aligned with the new Common Core Standards for state testing.


1. Be on time-in the room, in your seat, and have materials out and ready before the bell rings.

2. Be respectful of yourself and others - use appropriate language and constructive responses

3. Do your personal best

4. Be an active participant in class - demonstrated by listening, completing learning tasks, focused on task, this includes having electronics turned off and stowed during class.

5. Follow all school rules, including the dress code

Rule infractions will result in the following process of steps:

Step One:   Documented warning and conference with student regarding behavior.  This is the start of the discipline process.

Step Two:  Documented behavior, parent contact, and logical consequence.

Step Three: Detention or other assigned consequence and parent contact with warning that step-four is an office referral.

Step Four:  Office Referral.  Continued behavioral infractions will be office referrals. 

Positive interventions may include:

1. A note or call home.

2. Participation points

3. Reward from the supply box

4. Raffle ticket for end of quarter drawing


1. Assignments are expected to be completed on time.  Unfinished work is to be completed at home and is due the next day.

2. Late work and retakes will be accepted no later than the quarter in which it was assigned.

3. Students are responsible for asking for make-up work and coming in for extra help. I am available before school, during lunch, and after school by appointment.

4. Students are responsible for making up any work missed during absences for any reason.

5. No extra credit work will be assigned. However, tests and quizzes can be retaken after students have made corrections or come in for intervention.

HOMEWORK: This will need to be completed as assigned and should be recorded in the planner. It is due the following day unless otherwise specified.

GRADES:  Class goals and objectives are for all students to do their very best and learn the desired curriculum and state standards. Grades will be based on mastery of skills taught and will be weighted 80% for assessment and 20% for homework, classwork and participation.

GRADING SCALE:  90-100 = A     80-89 = B     70-79 = C     60-69 = D    59 or less = F

Thank you for your help and support with your child’s learning.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My phone number is 480-472-8193  and email is


Philip Poisson