MA 40

Classroom Guidelines & Syllabus

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Designed to provide an integrated foundation on which to build broader and deeper connections across mathematics and science disciplines based on the core concepts including Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Modeling, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability.  This course is will be a blended class which will require internet access to do the assignments.

Required and Highly Suggested Materials

1.  Pencil – Please complete all work neatly in pencil!

2.  Highlighter

3.  Spiral Notebook

4.  Math Folder or 3-ring binder tab

5.  Graph Paper for assignments and note taking.

6.  Laptop and Internet Access

Graphing Calculators

Graphing Calculators are strongly suggested but not required.  Calculators that are recommended are the TI-84(+) and the TI-84 C Silver.  Students who choose to purchase a graphing calculator need to take the responsibility to learn how to use it.  

All memory will be erased before tests/quizzes so be prepared to lose any programs you have stored on your calculator.  (Programs may be uploaded to a computer and then downloaded again after the tests/quizzes.)

Please understand that YOU MUST UNDERSTAND MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS AND ARE EXPECTED TO DO BY HAND ANYTHING YOUR CALCULATOR CAN DO!  Do not become calculator dependent!  Be prepared for No-Calculator quizzes and tests.

Grading Scale

90%  Tests and Quizzes                                                                A = 90%-100%

10%  Assignments                                                                        B = 80% - 89%

                                                                                                      C = 70% - 79%

                                                                                                      D = 60% - 69%

                                                                                                      F = below 60%

Each semester grade will be determined by averaging the quarter grades and the final                     exam grade as follows:

     60% = Tests                      30% = Quizzes                 10% = Assignments

      80% = Semester Grade     20% = Semester Final

    Check your earned grades online on a regular basis to modify and adjust your study habits as needed.    

Assessments:  Quizzes and Tests


1.  We will have several quizzes for each module.  Most quizzes/tests will be online at the Big Ideas website.  

2.  If you are absent the day of a test you will be expected to make up the test the first day after you return to class.  Schedule a time other than regular class time to make up the quiz/test that you missed.

3.  Cheating:  If you are caught or suspected of cheating, you will receive an immediate zero on the quiz/test.  Assessments are a reflection of what you know and need to work on.



Provide a neatly organized, thorough written solution.

1.  Complete assignments in a timely manner in order to be graded for completion and/or accuracy.

2.  All work is to be completed in pencil.  Assignments in pen will not be accepted.

3.  You must SHOW YOUR WORK on all problems.  If you have difficulty with a problem(s), you must write down the problem and include all work up to the point of your confusion in order to receive credit.  Explain your thought process, and clear questions of how and where you “got stuck”.  The excuse “I didn’t get it!”  will not earn you credit!

4.  All problems involving graphs should be completed on graph paper and attached to the assignment.  Feel free to do the entire assignment on graph paper.

5.  If I can’t read it, then you will not receive credit.

6.  Students have one day to complete all assignments unless otherwise specified.  7.Late work is not accepted, except in the case of illness, or excused absence.

8.  If assignment is unsatisfactory, I may ask you to resubmit.

Absence Policy

1.  Students are responsible for all Notes and assignments when absent..

4.  Students do not have to wait until they return to school to complete computer assignments.

5.  All missed quizzes and tests must be scheduled to take at school, not during regular class time.  


Behavior Expectations

The Red Mountain Way


Advocate for self and stand up for others.

Own the results of your actions.

Welcome challenges as opportunities.


Earn it through action.

Positively impact the space around you.

Honor yourself and others with dignity.


Get involved.          Be Excellent

Be the change.