Red Mountain High School             

Ms. Turley, Room 824

(480) 308 - 5624


Course Description:  This course introduces students to the basics of financial literacy

including such topics as creating personal financial goals, creating a budget, saving and investing, banking, using debit and credit cards, making major purchases, paying payroll and other taxes, planning for retirement, and purchasing insurance.

By emphasizing the importance of setting goals and creating a financial plan, students learn to think before spending. Students will learn how credit scores can impact one's ability to secure a loan and, in some cases, determine whether they will be hired for

a job. Students will also become familiar with some of the reality that faces everyone when they get their first job, their first apartment, or just take on more personal financial responsibilities.

It is the goal of this class to teach students to become financially and socially responsible for themselves.  It is expected that each student will do all work as assigned and that the work will be completed and turned in on time just as if they were working at a job.

Requirements:  1. Assignments work is done in pencil but above all, must be neat.  

    2.  Projects and Presentations 2-4/ semester; must be completed to pass

    3.  Tests/Quizzes- must complete all tests and quizzes

    4.  Final Exam-at the end of each semester.

Materials:  notebook/graph paper or composition  book, pencils, calculator, electronic computing device


40% Tests                                                                A = 90% - 100%

30% Quizzes                                                             B = 80% - 89%

20% Projects/Presentations                                     C = 70% - 79%

10% Homework                                                          D = 60% - 69%

                                                                                 F = below 60%

The semester grade will be determined by weighting the cumulative class grade and the semester exam.

80% x cumulative grade           +                20% x semester exam

Grades will be posted on a regular basis; your grade should never be a surprise.  It is YOUR responsibility to check your portal.  Check for errors and bring these to my attention.  

Remember. . . I don’t GIVE grades, YOU EARN THEM!  


1.  Tardies will be handled in accordance with the school policy.

2.  You are responsible to get notes from another student or me and check the

    assignment calendar when you are absent.  All absent work must be completed within         

    one week of the absence.  Include the date you were absent and the word “ABSENT”

    at the top of your work and turn in to me personally.


1.   Homework will be graded for completion and/or accuracy.

2.  If I can’t read it or your paper looks like your dog really did eat it, then you will not

    receive credit.  Remember, everything you turn in is a direct reflection of you!  Stay   


3.  Late work is not accepted except in the case of illness and other excused absences.


If you are caught or suspected of cheating, you will receive an immediate zero on the quiz/test.  I trust that you are all responsible, honest young adults and expect you to act accordingly.  

Available Help:

We learn by asking questions so DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK!!  Ask questions during class and when you have additional questions, PLEASE come in for extra help.

Behavior Guidelines:


    - yourself

    - each other

    - property

    - community

1.  Be prepared and seated when the tardy bell rings.  

2.  Be courteous towards others at all times.  

3.  Keep the classroom and desks clean.  

4.  Remember, I dismiss the class, not the bell.  Do not pack up early as this is a  

   disruption to the class.

  1. Silence and store all personal electronic devices (except for approved calculators and your personal computing device),


  1. Gum and water are acceptable as long as they do not interfere with the educational process.  BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION!  Please do not bring food or drinks other than water to class.  My rule “I don’t want to see it, hear it, or smell it” applies equally to gum, food, drinks (other than water) and to electronics.