The Arizona Eye Safety Manual for Education warns that some types of contact lenses are conducive to serious eye damage since they may trap harmful gases and/or chemical splashes behind the lens.

Chemical splashes can be prevented.  Students are required to wear spash-proof goggles, which may prevent potentially harmful substances from splashing on the eyes.  The spread of gases may not be prevented as easily.  The mixing of chemicals is an integral part of many laboratory courses.  As chemicals are combined, gases may be released. Even though goggles are worn, these gases may react with some types of contact lenses resulting in damage to the lenses and eyes.

The classroom teacher has no way to determine if your child's contact lenses constitute a risk, therefore, we find it necessary to bring this important matter to your attention.  If your child wears contact lenses, we urge you to check with your eye doctor to determine if a potential risk exists, and ask for advice on ways to prevent problems.

Safety is our primary concern.  We do not want to place any student in jeopardy.  Please complete the awareness contract in terms of eye safety, keeping this information in mind.