Tip JarTip Jar Tips

Usually I get the extra pennies or maybe the occasional dime in my tip jar, but sometimes I get unusual items/info placed in my converted Claussen Pickle Tip jar. Here are some of my favorites:

* 50 peso coin
* Excalibur Casino coin [who's 21 in my class?]
* Cabella's Token [maybe the gun gallery?]
* "Go to more soccer matches" note
* An I.O.U. invoice [Who steals from a tip jar?]
* Half of a Saltine cracker [Are you kidding me?!]
* Extra large fake $100 bill [I keep that in there]
* Free Taco Bell Chalupa coupon [oh yeah!!!]
* Another I.O.U.!! [Did somebody slip me a $5 that I didn't notice?]
* A expired $5 coupon for TGIFridays [Thanks. Thanks a lot.]