Mr. Richard Kates
Sports Medicine

This is a yearlong advanced athletic training course.  Student enrolled in this course need to have taken Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries with a passing grade and/ or be a graduating senior.

This is the advanced athletic training class.  Students should have taken HE 91- Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries.  Students will learn the pathology of a sports injury and the various musculoskeletal conditions in which a student will learn the anatomy, evaluation, recognition and management and the rehabilitation of various injuries.  



  • Unit One:  Mechanisms and Characteristic of Musculoskeletal and Nerve Trauma

  • Unit Two:  Tissue Response to Injury

  • Unit Three:  The Foot

  • Unit Four:  The Ankle and Lower Leg

  • Unit Five:  The Knee and Related Structures

  • Unit Six:  The Thigh, Hip, Groin & Pelvis


  • Unit Seven: The Shoulder Complex

  • Unit Eight:  The Elbow

  • Unit Nine:  The Forearm, Wrist, Hand and Fingers

  • Unit Ten:  The Head, Face, Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat

  • Unit Eleven:  Skin Disorders