Mr. Macias
 Social Studies 


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to my Social Studies webpage. I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us as you begin your high school career. By reading and signing these policies, you are acknowledging your awareness and acceptance to abide by these policies in this classroom at all times.

Classroom Rules & Expectations


Be On Time!!

·      Students need to be in their seats when the bell rings

·      Students that are late will be marked tardy, after 4 tardies you will be given Saturday School


Come Prepared!!

·      There will be an online textbook, which you will sign up for.

·      Bring writing utensil

·      You will need a notebook for this class

·      Bring your notebook everyday

Hall Passes!!

·      Hall Passes will be given at teachers discretion

·      Students who abuse this privilege will not be issued any more hall passes

·      When given a hall pass you will need to have your student I.D. out & ready to show administrators/security when             necessary


Classroom Behavior!!

·      Student will remain in their seats at all times (there will be a seating chart)

·      Raise your hand to ask/answer a question

·      Students will do their own work, unless it’s a group activity

·      Respect ALL classroom property (desks, posters, etc.)

·      DO NOT WRITE ON DESKS. Lunch detention cleaning desks is the consequence for writing on desks    

·      Respect all students & teachers personal property

·      NO CELL PHONES OUT DURING CLASS TIME! You will have some opportunities to use your smart phones for           research at teachers discretion

·      NO FOOD or DRINKS ALLOWED IN CLASSROOM (bottled water is ok)

·      Let’s take care of our classroom!!


Make-Up Work 

·      If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to get their make-up work

·      Only excused absences will be given make-up work

·      Student will have the same number of days absent to turn in their make up work

·      Make-up work not turned in will result in a zero for that assignment


Quizzes & Tests 

·      Quizzes/Assessments will be given throughout each chapter

·      Tests will be given after every chapter


Grading Policy

·      All assignments will be assigned points

·      Assignments will be 40% of your final grade

·      Quizzes/Assessments will be 10% of your final grade

·      Tests will be 50% of your final grade)


Grading Scale 

·      90% or higher: A

·      80-89%: B

·      70-79%: C

·      60-69%: D

·      59%: D-

·      58% or lower: F


I am available from 3:15-4:00 Monday-Friday in room 604. Please take advantage of these times. I will do everything I can to help you succeed, but you must do your part as well. Let’s have a great year!


Mr. Macias