Sundown Student Contract Red Mountain High School


____ I understand that sundown is from 3:15-5:15 Monday-Thursday in room 105.

____I understand that all MPS guidelines for student behavior, including dress code, apply to the Sundown program.

____I understand that cheating will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from Sundown.

____ I understand that if I do any work outside of the Sundown lab, I will be withdrawn immediately, with no credit, risking future Sundown enrollment.

____Attendance: I understand attendance is important. Daily attendance is taken & students will be withdrawn from Sundown on the 5th absence.

____I understand that I may take only one class at a time and once that class is completed I may enroll in another class with counselor/administrative approval.

____I understand that ANY use of the computer system other than the Sundown program I am enrolled in is strictly prohibited and will result in withdrawal from the Sundown program. This includes all of the following:

·      Changing the computer’s settings

·      No CD’s or music from computer

·      No Internet use

·      Taking notes on any program & minimizing screen

·      Downloading games, or playing games

____I understand that cell phones, texting, music or other personal devices may NOT be used in this room.

____I understand that NO foods of any kind or drinks are allowed by work station/computer. (Closed water bottles are allowed)

____I understand the teacher is here to facilitate a learning environment for ALL students and I will work quietly, raising my hand or approaching teacher when I need help. Student will stay at their assigned computer at all times.

____I understand any incident of inappropriate/severe behavior can result in withdrawal from the Sundown program.

____I understand that to receive credit for all work, I must be at 70% or better, and the highest grade I can receive is a B.


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