Mrs. Cupryk Junior AP Language
AP English Language and Composition

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 Course Objective/Description: This is a weighted AP course in English Language and Composition designed to engage students in becoming skilled and critical readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts and in becoming skilled participants in discussions as well as writers who compose for a variety of purposes.  The reading, discussion, and writing in the course will make students aware of rhetoric and the interactions among a writer’s purposes, audience expectations, and subjects, as well as the way genre conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in writing while improving their skill and confidence in composition (The College Board 2010).

AP Language Objectives and Skills: Students will learn/improve (including but not limited to) vocabulary, terminology, grammar, mechanics, syntax, diction, denotation, connotation, tone, mood, analytical voice, mature prose style, close reading skills, command of rhetorical modes, multiple choice reasoning, organizational skills for timed writing, visual literacy, rhetorical analysis, personal expository, argumentative and persuasive writing skills, research skills, ability to synthesize research, development of mature perspective: classical rhetoric.

Writing Expectations:

This course teaches students to analyze texts, with a heavy emphasis on non-fiction, and write both take-home and timed writings that address key aspects of argument, persuasion, and rhetoric with focus on

· Purpose, structure, and style

· Social and historical significance reflected and implied  

· AP Language Skills

The course also addresses and reflects the AP Language test’s recent reform that includes writing a document based synthesis essay.

Reading Expectations:

There is a lot of reading in this class and a lot of independent work, reading, and motivation required for full success (including current event reading of academic materials). Texts will represent both a British Literature survey study, with emphasis on use of rhetoric in non-fiction, as well as many modern examples of essays and other non-fiction, including current events, reflecting various audiences, purposes, genres, and experiences.  Students are expected to keep up with the reading—quizzes and class discussions will ensure this.

Students at this advanced placement level should expect to hear about and be prepared to discuss ideas that are controversial.  Alternate assignments may be provided if requested, but these isolated and individual assignments will remove students from valuable class discussion and exercises.  As a result, these assignments may not be as useful as the planned curriculum in preparing students for the AP exam.

Critical Thinking and Discussion Expectations:  

Students are expected to come to class ready with reading and writing assignments completed on time, ready to contribute observations and insight, ask questions and participate actively in discussions.  Students are expected to approach the material and discussions with an appropriate and acceptable level of maturity when discussing topics.  Inappropriate, disrespectful, vulgar, and rude language (humor), attitudes, insults, and behavior will not be tolerated.


Students are encouraged and expected to participate in discussion which include expressing and tolerating viewpoints that may differ from others and are necessary for complete and adequate development and understanding of content, both literature and analysis.  No specific beliefs will be pushed, but many will be presented.  I will not choose sides or advocate one over another.  I will encourage the students to think and seek both personal understanding and openness toward others’ understanding.  If your child is uncomfortable at any time, he/she is free to remove him or herself from the particular dialogue with no fear of reprimand and grade deduction.

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