Spanish Accent Marks on the Computer

How to get Spanish Accent Marks on your PC

The easiest way to add accent marks if you have a hidden keyboard on your Lenovo device is to hold down the letter key.  Options for accent marks will appear, and you can slide your finger over to select the correct one.  It will just appear on your screen.
When you need to type in French and Spanish, there is an easy way to get accented letters. And you don't have to switch your entire system over to a French or Spanish keyboard. These "Alt" functions will allow you to use accented letters and other Spanish symbols on your keyboard. 
To get these to work properly, make sure you hold down the "Alt" key the entire time you type in the numbers. 

Spanish Accented Letters and Other Symbols

"Alt" + "0225" á
"Alt" + "0233" é
"Alt" + "0237" í
"Alt" + "0243" ó
"Alt" + "0250" ú
"Alt" + "0252" ü
"Alt" + "0241" ñ
"Alt" + "0191" ¿
"Alt" + "0161" ¡