Rules and Policies for Mrs. Hughes' classes

Classroom Rules and Procedures


I like my classroom to be a positive, cheerful, productive environment .

Classroom Procedures

·       Be in your seat and quiet BEFORE the bell rings.

·       Stay in seat except during transitions.

·       When you hear “Attención,” be quiet and give me your immediate attention.

·       No eating in class without permission.  Water is allowed.

·       Limited bathroom use; follow correct procedures.

·       Be on task and attending to your job every day.

·       Do your part as a group and class member.

·       Do not pack up until one minute before bell; stay in your seats until bell rings.

·       Clean up your area, including floor, before you leave every day.

·       No marking on desks.

Cell Phones

·       NO CELL PHONE USE in this class unless instructed otherwise.  This means I will not be able to see or hear your phone AT ALL.

·       Violation #1: Cell phone jail (my desk) until the end of the day

·       Violation #2: Phone taken to office; admin handles it.

The Rules

·       Students will follow all school rules.

·       Students will respect Mrs. Hughes' right to teach and others’ right to learn.

·       Students will respect others, others’ property and school property.

·       Be on time: third tardy earns you a referral to the office.

·       Consequences of misconduct other than those specifically stated may include: Minor Incident Report; Teacher/Student conference; Phone call home; Teacher/Parent Conference; Referral to office; Removal from classroom, or any other appropriate measures Mrs. Hughes deems advisable.

I have two pet peeves:

1.   Making another student feel disrespected or hurt IN ANY WAY.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING.

2.   Talking while I am trying to talk to the class or while another student has the floor.

Make-up work:

1.   Make-up work is YOUR responsibility.  Check the calendar on the board or my online calendar to see what you missed.  Also, see a member of your group.  Finally, if you aren’t sure you have everything, ask me.  Again, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you missed and approach me about making up work. 

2.   You have the same number of days you were gone to make up normal daily work.  You have one week to schedule a make-up quiz or test with me.

3.   Check your portal regularly to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Academic dishonesty

·       All forms of cheating apply to this class and will result in a zero for questioned work and a phone call home, possible a referral to the office.  This includes anyone who HELPS someone else cheat, too.  Using a translation site for more than a one-word dictionary use is cheating and I will know if you use it.  You may use regular dictionaries as well as www.wordreference .com.


I have read the above Classroom Rules and Regulations for Mrs. Hughes' class and agree to abide by them.  I agree to respect myself and others by making a positive contribution to the classroom and to maintain my honor by not cheating or aiding another to cheat.  I agree to be polite, civil and self-controlled with my classmates and teacher and to try my best every day.




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