Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the new school year and Ms. Lancucki’s 9th grade Honors English class.  I have taught English for Mesa

Public Schools for three years, and I look forward to starting an enjoyable, successful new year with your student.  



An accelerated language arts program with an emphasis on enrichment experiences, including advanced work in literature, composition, vocabulary, grammar, research, and reading.  This course is meant for advanced students; it does move at a faster pace than a typical English class, so students should anticipate that there will be work to complete most nights, at-home reading, and some lengthy projects.  The units covered this year all contain elements of the current Arizona Academic Standards, in preparation for additional advanced courses/testing.


  • To improve reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills

  • To gain skills in critical reading and thinking in preparation for future advanced courses

  • To practice and strengthen skills from the shared principles of the Pre-AP/College Board program: 1. Close observation and analysis, 2. Evidence-Based Writing, 3. Higher-Order Questioning, and 4. Academic Conversations

We will be working hard all year, so it is important that each student has some basic information in order to be successful.  Those important areas are as follows:


  • Each grading period students receive a grade based on six weighted categories as determined by the Red Mountain English Department:

Speaking/Listening (discussions, etc) - 15%; Reading - 20%; Writing PROCESS – 20%; Language (grammar & vocabulary) - 15%; Summative Assessments (including major essays, presentations, midterms, & final exams) - 30%

Grades can be viewed on the portal at all times.  A simple, traditional grading percentile is used: 90-100% - A; 80-89% - B; 70-79% - C; etc.

  • Occasionally, students may be given an opportunity to retake a test / rewrite an assignment. This opportunity will require scheduling time to speak to me before/after school about an earnest plan for improvement; rewritten essays will require an additional page of self-reflection and evaluation.  The goal is mastery of content.

Late Work/Makeup Work: First and foremost, the RMHS English Department expects all assignments to be turned in on time.  

  • ALL assignments will incorporate a responsibility component and a level of mastery score.

    • Students may turn in late and missing assignments in order to earn credit and have teachers evaluate their skill, progress, and mastery.

      • However, students will not receive the responsibility component of the score when turning in late work.

      • All late work/makeup work turned must have a brief PLC or department-generated cover sheet. The late work/makeup work cover sheet will include a brief explanation (e.g. absent, absent-minded, other - with explanation) of why the assignment is being turned in after the due date and an optional plan of improvement.

    • Two week cut-off for ALL late work

  • Makeup Work: It is the student’s responsibility to pick up missed work – there is a convenient pick up location just inside my door.  For missing notes and handouts, the buddy system works well, too.

    • Students have as many days as they were excused absent to make up work/tests/etc.

    • Tests that have been planned in advance are expected to be taken with the class, especially if the absence was only one day.

    • Make arrangements to have work submitted if you know in advance you’ll be gone.


Students must abide by all Red Mountain handbook rules.  

Plagiarism: Anyone caught copying an assignment (from ANY source, including copying from classmate’s student guides and/or letting another student copy from work to complete theirs) or cheating on a test will receive a zero.

a.  If you let another student copy your work, both get a zero.

b.  If you “work together” on an assignment, make sure your answers are worded uniquely and differently enough to reflect your personal input.

Office Hours: I am available from 7:30-8:00 before school and from 3:00-3:30 (STARTING IN NOVEMBER) or during lunch (Tues./Thurss tutoring in my room from 12:30-1:00; check with me regarding any scheduling conflicts.  There is an English teacher available during every lunch period to help any students in need! I encourage students to email me ( as I check my email often. to receive text message alerts concerning homework, due dates, upcoming tests, etc., please text @honorfresh to the number 81010


1.  A spiral notebook for grammar, vocabulary, draft work, etc. Spiral checks will be done for points; organization is a key!

2.  A good supply of loose-leaf paper (no spiral paper should be used for individual assignments).  Keep in an English folder where completed/returned work can also go.

3.  Lenovo computer – checked out by school within first week; devices should be fully charged each night. Bring a charger!

4.  Blue/black/red ink pens, #2 pencils, and highlighters.  

*While these items are not required, many students have found them to be beneficial (and they fit into backpacks easily, too):

Post-it notes, pencil sharpener, colored pencils, small stapler or tape, “white-out” correction tape (less messy than whiteout pen)

Students will access a digital copy of the Collections textbook as assigned on the Canvas platform.  Other texts will be distributed throughout the year (class novels, copied readings); many will be digital. Each student will also be reading independently; books to be determined for these independent projects.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to call or send an email.  Email is preferred, but I will return all messages promptly. I look forward to working with your student this year.


Rebekka Lancucki

(480) 472-8199

TO:  Ms. Lancucki – ENGLISH – ROOM 137

We have read and reviewed the guidelines for 9th grade Honors English class as written in this letter.  My student knows that they should keep the welcome letter copy in their English folder for reference.  Additional copies of welcome letter are available online at

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