AP Reasearch
Guide to Building Research Project

Introduction to AP Research:

Welcome to the often messy and challenging world of AP Research.  This website is built to help you through the process and to organize your work.

Important Dates:

September 1st - Research Part 1 Due

  • 3 Annotated Sources with citation
  • Draft one of Timeline (Calendar / Gantt Chart)
  • Initial Question and Explanation

October 6th - Research Part 2 Due

  • 6 Annotated Sources with citation
  • Draft one of project proposal
  • Description of Methodology

November 9th - Research Part 3 Due

  • Draft Two Project Proposal (Formatted)
  • Annotated Bibliography with 9 sources

November 9th through 22nd - Project Proposal Presentations

  • 5-10 min presentation of project proposal that includes slide show and taking of questions.
  • Reflections of all participants through Google Forms
  • PREP Update with major takeaways from student observations

December 1st - Project Proposal Due (FULL)

February TBA - STEM Fair

March 29th - Research Paper Due

April TBA - ASU EPICS Showcase

April 15th - Video defense due

April 30th - Portfolio due to College Board

April/May TBA - Capstone / STEM Symposium

AP College Board Class Information
AP Research / Biotech Project Proposal Reflections