AP Environmental Science
Changing World

Class describe by deliverable items:

Certification: these are assessments on basic needed knowledge for AP Environmental Science. Max Score 3/4 (75%) must be retaken until earn a 75% or better on certification.

Projects: these are labs, papers, review, and just about everything else in the class. Max Score 4/4 (100%) should be done on time, can be redone for additional points and shows student can use or apply basic knowledge as shown in certifications.

Change the World: Major year long project that in the end need to be able to quantify the difference your project made in the world

Other Requirements:

  • Must present work in 2-3 outside forums (STEM Fair, EPICS...)
  • Must have a research paper at its conclusion that follows research paper format and has full bibliography of sources.

Classroom Links:

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