GIS in the Classroom
Advance Science Class for Global Information Systems

Introduction to GIS

GIS stands for global information systems, and is a fast growing industry that centers around understanding the spatial relationship between people, places and things on our planet.

This class will introduce students to one of the most powerful industry tools in GIS and allow them to use this amazing software to build, collaborate and develop projects that are founded in the real world.

This is a weighted science class and will require additional reading and work outside of the normal class day.

Final Exam Downloads

Meeting Presentation:

5 slides:

  • Title of topic provided
  • Key Vocabulary Terms and Definitions (4-6 terms)
  • 2-3 Visual Aids, Pictures or Diagrams
  • 2 links to help pages or methods of performing with summary of information.
  • Work sited page (APA)
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