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Submitting Papers


Share Files in Google Drive with me at  The Share button is in the upper right hand corner of the document.


Put heading on paper before submitting it.  

If this is the first time submitting something to me, confirm in class the next day that it came through.  Once I'm a shared contact of yours, it won't be an issue again.

When the work is completed, save your document so that it includes your first and last name, the period number, and the type of document you are submitting to me.  For example, if you are Olivia Jones in 3rd hour and are submitting a vocab homework, you will save it as OliviaJones3vocab.

If I can't see the work, I can't give the credit.

Click "send" then "done". - how to submit 

This is the great website for submitting your papers into me after you type them on your google drive account.  If you are past the cut-off time, it won't allow you to submit it.  You will need to "Share" it with me on Google Drive at that point.

If both of the above fail:

Take a picture of it on your phone, then go to the library and print off a hard copy.