RMHS offers many opportunities to help students.

Daily Update #3 - Setting

Daily Update #2

Daily Update for 6th hour - 

-Expectations: Read for first 10 minutes (5 points)

-Fill out daily form -2  or Tardy -2 points  or On phones checking accounts not music -2

-Work on homework/ make-up work for the rest of the hour (5 points)

**Ask if you need a homework pass. 

  • Library pass at lunch to print/work on homework.

Make-up/Questions for Mrs. Buffington

  • Tutoring during 4th Hour B Lunch in room 144
  • I am available Tuesday or Thursday before school 7:30-8:00- please let me know in advance. 
  • To talk about grades, print out a gradesheet if you need one; I don't have a printer in my classroom.


Semester I Goals 11/28 - in class

Quarter 2 Goals- complete in class

Academic Record- Fill out for 10/31

Goals for Semester II - Q4