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Office Hours:  7:30 – 8:00 am, lunch time, and after school 


Materials Needed:

Spiral notebook (just for French class), pens/pencils, paper, folder

Grades/Grading Policy:

Grades are determined by percentage of points possible.

A = 90 – 100%

B = 80 – 89%

C = 70 – 79%

D = 60 – 69%

F = Below 60%

Homework/Assignments: Homework assignments are given regularly and due at the beginning of class. 

Late Assignments/Make-up work:    Late assignments will be deducted 50%.  Make-up work turned in after an unexcused absence will be deducted 50%.  Make-up work turned in after an excused absence will receive full credit.  Students are responsible for finding out missed assignments after an absence.  All assignments are posted in the classroom and on-line. Please see Mme Bute if you have questions about the assignments and missed material.

Participation:  In order to be active learners, students must participate every day in class in a variety of ways.  Expectations for participation are as follows:

·       Active participation in group/partner activities.  Students must stay on task and show effort in completing in-class activities.

·        Active participation in any written, notebook or warm-up activities.  Students must keep their notebooks up-to-date with daily objectives and all class time activities. Notebook checks will occur at random.

  • Willingness to volunteer and offer answers in class.  Students who at least attempt to answer will ultimately do better on assessments.

Exams/Quizzes:  Exams and quizzes will be given on a regular basis.  Students will be provided with study guides before exams.  Oral exams will be conducted regularly.  Comprehensive semester and final exams will be conducted at the end of each semester.  Students will have five days to make-up an exam or quiz after an absence.

Classroom Policies:

Attendance/Tardies:  Attendance is essential for success.  I follow the Mesa Public Schools District Guidelines concerning absences.  Students who are absent more than nine days risk having grades withheld or losing credit for the class.  Students who are late to class must go directly to Sweep.

Behavior Guidelines:

            French students and Madame Bute will:

·        Show respect to all

·        Listen and participate courteously

·        Demonstrate positive attitudes and best effort

·        Demonstrate integrity and honesty in all endeavors

·        Be responsible and be prepared

·        Get rid of food, drinks and gum before coming to class (sealed water bottles allowed)

·        Put away all electronic devices during class and during exams

·        Use the restroom and take care of other business during passing time and before/after school.

Cell Phone and Electronics: All cell phones and electronic devices are to be kept on silent or turned off during class.  Students will be required to put them away in their backpacks/bags at the beginning of class.  Cell phones cannot be out on the desk or visible, nor will students be allowed to “hide” them under their desk or bag.  Backpacks and bags will be kept on the floor or under the desk. In addition, students are not allowed to have earbuds or headphones in during class, unless otherwise directed.  Lastly, students are not allowed to use classroom outlets to charge their phones.


Please review the Mesa Public School District Guidelines on electronic devices below:


TECHNOLOGY DEVICES AND INTERNET USE Students may bring personal devices, such as cellphones, smartphones, audio or video recorders, readers, tablets and laptops. Unless being used for acceptable educational purposes, all devices must be turned off and out of sight. Devices may not be used to violate the privacy of others or disrupt the learning environment. If students violate the rules, devices may be confiscated and held for parent pickup from the school administrator. MPS provides access to Internet service through school and personal electronic devices to enhance curriculum and learning opportunities. We make reasonable efforts to manage appropriate use of the Internet. Our efforts include the use of a content filter on district-provided Internet access, and guided supervision, in compliance with the federal Child Internet Protection Act. MPS cannot prevent access to all inappropriate content. We cannot filter content accessed via third-party services. The district does not provide technical support for personal electronic devices, including network/Internet connectivity, hardware, operating systems or installed applications. We are not liable for data-plan charges students may incur while using personal devices for educational purposes. MPS is not responsible for loss, theft or damage.


There will be lessons when a cell phone is allowed for use during class.  These times will be clearly announced.


If a student violates the cell phone guidelines, a warning will be given for first occurrences, followed by phone calls/emails to parents, followed by administrative referral.



Cheating/Translation Aids:  All parties involved in any cheating will receive a zero on the assignment or exam/quiz.  I want to strongly emphasize that any student who uses a translation website or application to complete an assignment will receive a zero for that assignment.  In addition, any student with a cell phone or other electronic device out during a quiz or exam will receive a score of zero.

Consequences:  Disruptions to our learning environment will not be tolerated and dealt with according to Red Mountain H.S. guidelines.  First occurrences will be met with a warning, followed by parental involvement if necessary.  Repeat occurrences will involve parent phone calls, administrative referral, conferences/contracts, and removal from class.

Video Notification:  During the school year, I will occasionally use pertinent DVDs/videos to supplement our curriculum or to provide a reward activity.  These videos are school-appropriate and are mostly rated G or PG.  If at any time, you or your son/daughter object to watching a video that is to be shown in class, please let me know and an alternate assignment will be provided.

Parent Communication/Website Information: For weekly updates and information, please check out my teacher page linked on the Red Mountain website.  Parents, please call me if you have any questions at 480-308-7461 or email me at  Thanks for your support and involvement in your child’s education.

I am very excited to have you in class this year!  I want you to learn and discover a new world of language, culture and understanding.  I will do my very best to help you be successful in my class.  Remember the proverb: “Les professeurs ouvrent la porte, mais tu dois entrer de toi-même.”  (“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”)