Course Description

Spanish 1 students learn basic vocabulary to use in stories and communication.  They will develop listening, reading, writing and speaking proficiencies.  Students will develop cultural sensitivity as they learn about the Spanish speaking world.  They will learn to function in present, future, and past contexts.

Spanish 2 builds upon basic vocabulary of the language and components of culture of the countries where Spanish is spoken.  It prepares students to read, write, speak and understand the language. 

Spanish 3 builds upon previously learned vocabulary and grammar.  Advanced grammar structures are learned so students will become more proficient.  Students read and interpret a novel as well as poetry.

Homework Policy

Homework and participation are 10% of the grade.  100% credit is given for assignments completed on time.  Late work and incomplete work will not receive credit.  Work missed due to absence must be complete within 2 days.  Each complete assignment will receive 10 points unless stated otherwise.  Partially complete or late assignments receive 0 points.  Points are recorded on homework tally sheet (Hoja de Tarea).  Participation is vital in learning communication skills.  This is your time to practice what you learn so you feel comfortable speaking the language in the real world.

Grading Criteria

Homework  and participation       10%

Quizzes and projects and tests (performance) 40%

Proficiency assessments (what can I do with the language?)  50%

Mid-term/Final Exam  20%  of semester grade


What parents/guardians can do to help at home

Please ask your student periodically to see their "Hoja de Tarea" (Homework sheet).  If any ovals have been skipped over, it means they did not complete the assignment.  To help study vocabulary, you do not need to know Spanish.  Offer to read the English and have your student give you the Spanish or read the English and they write the Spanish.  Stress the importance of class participation.  Make sure that translating programs such as "Google translate" are avoided.  They do not give good translations and students are cheating themselves by attempting to have the program do the work.  I will know if they use them and students will earn a grade of 0 on writing assignments they do not perform themselves.  Encourage students to always give their personal best!