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Mr. Graves

Advanced Placement Art Studio

This is a triple-rostered taught course; there is a different syllabus for each portfolio.  It is imperative for students to possess the ability to work independently in terms of their ability to conduct research, their knowledge of materials and equipment, and their ability to take initiative during the production phase.  Over the course of the semester there will be group critiques for all three portfolios at once.  Aside from the benefit of community building in the classroom, this also creates an opportunity for students to have their work viewed by peers who have not been following the progress of their work.  It is also very beneficial to have students work on more than one piece at a time.  Keep small and larger scale artwork, which is more time consuming,  always ongoing. 

Course Description:

All:Through studio practice, application of design concepts, and informed decision making students will assemble a body of artwork that demonstrates a high level of quality and growth over time of content, technique, and process.  Students will submit this body of work to the College Board for grading and possible college credit.  Artistic integrity:  Students are expected to use artistic integrity throughout the course.  Work that is based on published photographs or the work of other artists must move beyond duplication to illustrate an original idea.

Each portfolio must include a quality, concentration and breadth section.  The quality section includes five matted pieces that cannot exceed 18x24.  This must be some of your best work.  The concentration section must inlcude 12 works that are related in some way, they must all have a unifying theme you are working towards.  Some of the work can be close-up shots.  The Breadth section includes 12 pieces that show a variety of subject matter, media and styles.  You cannot have any of the same pieces in both concentration and breadth.

There will be 10 Summer Assignments required by end of August.

There will also be research and essays on certain artists/styles/movements.

Art Fee is $40