Bioimedical Sciences Syllabus and Expectations

Red Mountain High School

Instructor: Mrs. Hamilton

Contact Information: Room 807

Phone: (480) 308-5607


Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am – 3:30pm

(Voicemail available during class hours)

Class Website:


Course Description:



Biomedical sciences is a year-long science lab course covering the many principles that govern the human body. Students examine the interactions of body systems as they explore identity, communication, power, movement, protection, and homeostasis. Students design experiments, investigate the structures and functions of the human body, and use data acquisition software to monitor body functions such as muscle movement, reflex and voluntary action, and respiration. Exploring science in action, students build organs and tissues on a skeletal manikin, work through interesting real world cases and often play the role of biomedical professionals to solve medical mysteries. 

Students will work individually and cooperatively to study and discover many exciting things about the human body and the careers that are included in the biomedical field. Throughout the course of the year, students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills using “hands-on” & “minds-on” activities. NOTE: This course WILL include dissection. The student will earn one elective science credit upon successful completion of this course toward district graduation.



Textbook: None


Materials Needed: (by the end of the first week of school)

~ Textbook

~ paper


~ Pens/Pencils/Highlighters

 ~ Colored Pencils


****Have all materials out and be ready to work at the beginning of class; you do not want to miss   anything important! Being on time to class means that you are in your seat with materials out when the bell rings!!!

****A daily agenda will be posted on the overhead or board. Prepare as directed.


Written Work:

~ Class notes will be done in “Cornell Note-taking” Format

~ Quality work is completely finished, on time, to the best of your abilities!

~ All work must be done neatly. Work that is not legible or with “no name” will not be accepted  nor given credit.

~ Late assignments will be awarded 70% credit and will be accepted for ONE (1) DAY ONLY!

~ All assignments must be completely finished for full credit. If you need help, ask! “I do not know” is not an excuse for leaving anything blank!

~ Always use “C.S.” _ complete sentences.




~ All classwork, labs, projects, quizzes and tests will be given a point value. Point values will vary depending on the amount of work involved.

~ Letter grades are based on a percentage (%) of the total cumulative points.

` The “grading scale” is as follows:

            90-100% = A

            80-89 %  = B

            70-79 %  = C

            60-69 %  = D

            Below a 59% = F



~ A significant part of your grade in this class will come from your individual participation in class and collaborative work with others; therefore attendance is vital for your success in this class.


Absent/Make-up Work:

~ It is your responsibility as the student to take care of missing work/tests immediately upon returning to class. (General rule is 2 days for every 1 day absent to make-up missed work.)

~ Labs and tests will be made up during lunch or after school. (Students must make an appointment with me in order to make up their missed test or lab).

~ Unexcused absences = NO credit

~ 10 absences = an audit. You lose credit for the entire semester! (District Policy)

Sweep Policy:

~ Students that are “swept” and unable to attend class must see me immediately after school to turn in assignments due during the period spent in sweep and to pick up new homework assignments. If a test or quiz is missed, the student must make arrangements to make it up at this time.

~ Failure to meet with me immediately after school will result in loss of credit on missed

assignments, labs, quizzes and tests.


Rules for Success:

~ Be on TIME! (The door closes when the final bell rings and you need to be in your seat.)

~ Have necessary materials each day; if you do not come prepared, you will not receive your points for being prepared in your notebook.

~ Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed at any time during class. If seen, they will be taken by the teacher and turned in to administration (School Policy)

~ NO gum, candy, food, or drinks allowed in the classroom.

` Use Biomed class for Biomed work only!

~ Class is dismissed by the teacher NOT by the bell.

~ Red Mountain High School expectations will be upheld as outlined in the student handbook. Your behavior should be considerate of others and not disruptive or interfering in any way with the education of other students.