In addition to welcoming all new families to Red Mountain, I want to thank our existing Red Mountain family for all of their support, encouragement and patience last year.  What we were able to accomplish academically was only possible because of the sense of community, family and the strength to stand together,  persevering through a semester full of unknowns.  My gratitude runs very deep. . . 

I look forward to meeting each and every one of my students and parents this year.  I appreciate your patience as we get things off the ground.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Again, welcome to Red Mountain!


Mr. DeMassa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Arizona State University and a Masters degree in Secondary Education from Chapman University. He teaches Marine Biology and coaches football.  Mr. DeMassa is married to his high school sweetheart, Debbie, and has four children (three past Mountain Lions who are now Sun Devils and one current Mountain Lion). Welcome to Red Mountain.  As we begin the year under unusual circumstances, I want to reassure both parents and students that every effort is being made to provide the best learning experience possible for the start of the Fall semester.  We recognize the potential struggles students will face and we're prepared to meet that challenge moving into August.






Before attending class, I ask that students and parents participate in the orientation process I've provided for science by reviewing a series of videos which help guide you through the basics of attending class as a remote learner.  As a student, this should help ease some of the anxiety of the unknown.  As a parent, it should also alleviate some anxiety knowing we have thoughtfully prepared an engaging and quality driven approach to meeting the academic needs of your child.

Student Orientation For Science

Red Mountain High School Welcome Video Welcome to the Red Mountain Family.  Red Mountain prides itself on
providing students with unique learning opportunities and
a staff fully dedicated to supporting the needs of students and parents.
Accessing Canvas through the Red Mountain website. Students new to Canvas will learn how to access the Canvas link
through the Red Mountain High School website. Canvas will be used
as the primary means of instruction for remote learners coming into the
Fall semester of 2020.
 Video tutorial for using canvas for classwork Students learn how to find their weekly lessons in Canvas and
navigate their way through a CK-12 lesson and subsequent quiz. Useful
tips and tools are also reviewed to help assure a successful experience.
 Picture of Canvas and Staying Connected through embedded tools

Staying connected through Canvas will be instrumental in assuring a
successful experience in science.  Students will learn to navigate the
messaging system in Canvas for non-urgent messages.  Students will
also be introduced to Webex, a program which supports live class sessions,
meetings and virtual office hours.  Webex will be available to students
throughout the academic day. For detailed instructions on using Webex, please
download the following guide: Students Using Webex Download 

 Link to All Students Can Be Successful

For families of students with IEPs, this video will help ease your mind,
knowing that a great deal of thought and planning has gone into making
sure that every student can be successful.  Strategies to meet a number
accommodations will be outlined.