Catalina 2018

Be sure you have filled out the following  forms:

-Catalina and Mesa schools medical information

-Mesa schools secondary travel permission

* Roommate and class lists are posted outside room 150. 

*Lists of students missing paperwork will be posted outside room 150. Check to be sure you are fully form-permitted to go on the trip.


Be in the parking lot at Red Mountain in front of the Stadium at

10:00 pm on Thursday,  April 5th, 2018. When you check in, you will receive colored ID tags to attach to the handle of all of your bags.



Thursday 4/5/2018

Depart: (Bus) Red Mountain sports annex 11:00 pm


Friday 4/6/2018

Breakfast: McDonalds and Subway 5:30 AM next to Knott’s Berry Farm bring $

Arrive: (Bus) Long Beach Boat Dock 8:00 AM

Lunch: (Boat) Pack a lunch (expensive concessions available)

Depart: (Boat) Long Beach Boat Dock 9:30 AM

Arrive: (Boat) Fox Landing Catalina Island 11:30 AM

No lunch provided (don't forget to eat on the boat)

Afternoon Class: Snorkel or Kayak or Algae/Invertebrate lab or Fish lab

Dinner: Usually pizza and spaghetti

Night Class: Squid Dissection or Night Snorkel

Lights Out 10:30 PM

Saturday 4/7/2017

6:00 AM Sunrise Hike

Breakfast: usually eggs and pancakes

Morning Class: Snorkel or Kayak or Algae/Invertebrate lab or Fish lab

Lunch: usually hamburgers

Afternoon class: Snorkel or Kayak or Algae/Invertebrate lab or Fish lab

Dinner: usually chicken

Night class:  Squid Dissection or Night Snorkel

Lights out 10:30

Sunday 4/8/2017

6:00 AM optional polar plunge

7:00 AM Breakfast

Morning class: Snorkel or Kayak or Algae/Invertebrate lab or Fish lab

Depart (Boat) 12:30 pm (free lunch on boat)

Arrive: (Boat) Long beach Boat Dock 2:30 pm

Depart: (Bus) Long beach Boat Dock 3:00 pm

Dinner: (Bus) Stop at food plaza (KFC, Panda Express, Starbucks, Subway) bring $

Arrive: (Bus) Red Mountain sports annex 11:00 pm


We are going to learn about the ecology, history and geology of Catalina Island and the surrounding ocean in an active, hands on, manner. This is an educational trip with six three-hour classes. There are two classes on Friday, three on Saturday and one on Sunday.  You must attend all classes.  You must join your group as there is no supervision for anyone to sit out.


An example class schedule would be:

Friday: beginning snorkel in the afternoon, dinner and squid dissection in the evening.

Saturday: hike and watch the sunrise, breakfast, kayaking class, lunch, invertebrate/plankton lab, dinner, night snorkel.

Sunday: sleep in until 7:30 or optional polar plunge and hike, breakfast, and snorkel to the kelp beds.


Packing: We are only going for 3 days. Please pack wisely knowing you must carry all of your luggage together for some distance. Bring only ONE duffel bag / rolling suitcase, a sleeping bag, and a backpack/carry-on for snacks on the bus and boat. A light jacket in your backpack can serve as a pillow on the bus. A pillow and blanket on the bus may make napping more comfortable.


Lunch/ Snacks: Bring a nutritious lunch and snacks for all day Friday only. We do stop at McDonalds/Subway early on Friday morning. Our first served meal is Friday evening dinner at 5:30pm. At Catalina, there is ample food at meals and bringing extra snacks is not allowed. There is no danger of starvation! The food is very good and there is plenty of it.  We even get a sack lunch for our return trip.  Friday is the only day a packed lunch is advisable. CIMI does not allow snacks in rooms, as there is a rodent/fox problem (no predators on the island).

If you get carsick/seasick or aren’t sure if you might, bring some anti-motion sickness medication (non-drowsy) just in case. (Meclizine, Dramamine, Bonine, etc.)  Bring enough for the boat ride there as well as the return trip.


What to bring:

Refillable water bottle, a cheap waterproof watch or  battery powered alarm clock (no cell phones to check current time).T-shirts (3-4), wash cloth, bath towel, beach towel, shorts (1-2), flashlight, long pants, swimsuits (recommended 3-one dry for each day), toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, jacket or hoodie, rain coat or poncho, hat for sun protection, tennis shoes, socks, sleeping bag, pillow, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, underwear, plastic bag for wet clothes and other personal items. 


Sleep Arrangements:

Each cabin has twelve bunk beds with mattresses.  If you want to sleep more comfortably, it is recommended that you bring extra padding, such as a blanket, in addition to your sleeping bag.  It can get cold at night so make sure to bundle up and bring warm sleepwear. Pillow pets are great for the bus as well.



Camera, underwater camera, GoPro, journal, water bottle, personal mask/snorkel, and water gloves. Note: Water and electricity are both “rationed” one 5-minute shower a day. Can you do without the straightener? Or share one? DO NOT BRING: anything you value-such as MP3 players and jewelry.




On the boat/island:

Wear warm clothes, it gets extremely cold on the boat and on the island.  If you have long hair, you should braid it to prevent tangling, especially when snorkeling or kayaking.  Showers on the island are limited time so try stick to the basics of soap, shampoo, and lots of conditioner.  Pack zip lock baggies and grocery bags to store wet items.  If you have an inhaler, you will need to carry it with you everywhere you go in a plastic bag.  You may want to have a beach bag to carry a towel and a change of clothes with you to snorkeling or kayaking.


On the bus:

Bring anything you might want on the bus with you because we will not have access to the luggage stored under the bus. (This includes your toothbrush, so bring one in your carry-on so you can brush at McDonalds Friday morning.)  When you’re on the bus you should have a backpack or bag to store any carry-on items.  We sleep on the bus on the way there so you should bring a pillow and a blanket to be comfortable.  Also, make sure you have your wallet with you on the bus to buy breakfast in the morning. (Every year we leave at least two wallets on the bus, all have been returned by the bus company)  If you want any water or snacks on the way there, bring them with you on the bus.  There are no snacks allowed at Catalina, all food on the island will be provided.  We watch movies on the bus and any student is welcome to bring movies they want to watch.  Movies must be G rated.  All final movie selections will be made by Mr. DeMassa, who prefers quality Disney movies.


Phone Home? There is not a phone at CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute) for student use or for parent calls. Students may phone home from the Queen Mary Terminal Friday morning and again on Sunday afternoon when we get back there at approximately 3:00pm.  Also, there is no cell service at the camp. There is a landline for emergencies. CIMI Fox Landing requests that electronic devices are not brought to camp. We do not accept the responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of such devices. Many students choose to bring their phones for communication during travel however they will be collected and held while students are at camp.  CIMI does not allow their use at camp.


Money: You must bring money for when we stop for breakfast on Friday morning and dinner on Sunday.  You will/may need money for snacks on the boat and souvenirs from the CIMI store on the island (CIMI logo).  At the CIMI store there are T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, and postcards for sale.


Medical: each student must bring their prescribed medications with them to the camp. Asthmatics cannot participate in program activities (like snorkeling) unless they have their inhalers with them!!! Both the Mesa  Schools and Catalina Island medical forms must be completely filled out.

If you are sick with a fever, you should strongly consider not going.  If you are an underclassman we can save your money for next year. 


Finally: Don’t take a chance on being late!! Have someone phone you at 10:00 Thursday night and please have someone to pick you up on the return trip. Arrive by 10:30 as the busses will leave promptly by 11:00.



Problems or questions? Feel free to contact Mr. DeMassa (480) 472-8063 cell 480-628-9512