Catalina Payment instructions 2017-2018




There are two trips to Catalina this year. The first is October 6th through the 8th 2017 and will be departing from Dobson High school.  The second is on April 5th 2018 through the 8th.   It is time to start collecting money for the April Catalina Island trip. We recommend you use the Mesa Public schools online ECA donation website to donate, and then retain the receipt for your records.  Alternatively, you can fill in an ECA form and bring a check to the Red Mountain bookstore. The total cost is $380 and may be used for the ECA tax credit.  The limit on ECA is $400 for married couples and $200 for single individuals.  We are asking for donations of the full $400, if possible, to help supplement students who have trouble affording the trip.


It is extremely important that before paying you check with Mr. DeMassa to be sure your name is on the master list of students going on the trip.  To get on the master list you must fill out the Google survey and confirm you are on the list with Mr. DeMassa.  Anyone who donates without being on the master list risks not having a seat on the bus and there is no refunding of ECA money. Feel free to email Mr. DeMasaa to confirm you are on the list before paying.

To put your name on the master list so you can donate click on the link below:

If you have confirmed your name is on the master list, you may make and ECA donation by visiting:


1.       Click donate online

2.      Create a guest account or login

3.      Click items at school

4.      Click high schools

5.      Click Red Mountain

6.      Click donation ECA tax

7.      Click L to P ECA account name

8.      Select 8177 Marine Biology and input $380 or the full $400 if possible.

9.      Proceed to checkout

10.   Print receipt and deliver to Mr. DeMassa or email to


Thank you,



If you have any questions contact Mr. DeMassa at 480-472-8063 or